Working with payment cards

Running an advertisement requires adding a payment instrument to your account. You can add a debit or credit card to your account.

Adding a card to one account

To specify a new card, go to your account and click the "Add card" button. If a card already exists in your account, click on the edit button next to the card number.

You need to enter the card number, month of validity (one or two digits), year of validity (four digits), CVC/CVV code of the card. It is not necessary to indicate the card owner.

When specifying a card, it is recommended to create a task to add it to your account. This task is responsible for specifying the card within your payment profile. You can create this task later through the same form.

Bulk addition of cards

You can bulk add cards to your accounts. To do this, go to the "Accounts" section, find the required accounts using the search and click on the "Mass setup" button above the list. Select the "Add cards" command.

Cards are listed in a list, one per line. The list must contain the same number of cards as the selected accounts.

The list contains the card number, month of validity (one or two digits), year of validity (four digits), CVC/CVV code of the card and owner. Owner identification is not required. The separator is a vertical bar. List format:



1234567890123456|01|25|666|John Doe
1234567844123456|02|27|777|Jane Doe

It is recommended to immediately create a task to link the card to your account.

Card linking status

This status is responsible for the main payment instrument of your account. It can take three states:

  1. Card not specified - payment details are missing both in the account settings and in the profile itself.
  2. The card is awaiting linking - payment details have been added to the system interface and can be linked to the profile. To link, create a corresponding task through account management.
  3. Card linked - payment details are registered in the account and can be used to create an advertising account and pay for advertising. Additional card confirmation may be required.

Card verification

Before launching advertising campaigns, you may need to verify your card. Upon verification, the advertising network debits a small amount from your card or tops up your card with a small amount. You need to enter the code from the description of this operation, which will be in your bank client.

To request the verification procedure, use the corresponding task - “Request card verification”. The task can be requested in bulk.

After receiving the verification code, you must indicate it in your account. To do this, go to your account page and run the “Enter verification code” task. In this task, enter the received code and click "Run task". This task can only be performed individually within each account; mass launch is not supported.