Creating and adding accounts

Get started by adding accounts to the service. These can be either existing accounts or those created automatically by our service. We recommend creating accounts in our service - they work more stable.

Step 1. SMS service

Before you start, you need to connect your SMS receiving service. Its presence is required for registering accounts, activating 2FA and solving problems.

  1. Go to your profile and scroll down the page.
  2. Select your SMS service from the list and specify its API key.
  3. Save. This completes the connection to the SMS service. Check your balance on home page.

If your favorite SMS service is not on the list, we will connect it in a short time. Please contact us. To work, we will need documentation from the service itself and your API key for tests.

Step 2. Proxy servers

The second critically necessary element in the work is proxy. You will need high-quality and fast proxies, preferably with IPv6 support.

It is recommended to use one separate proxy for each account. This significantly improves their quality and simplifies further work. Using mobile proxies with multiple accounts linked is not recommended - this reduces both quality and performance.

  1. Go to the "Proxy section and click "Add" or "Add by list".
  2. Specify the proxy information: protocol, host, port, login and password.
  3. If you use a proxy for multiple accounts, provide a link to reset the IP address.

After adding, it takes about an hour to check and activate all proxies.

More about working with proxies

Step 3.1. Account registration

We recommend registering new accounts using our service rather than adding existing ones. New accounts are more stable and free of all the problems left over from previous actions.

To register, go to the "Accounts" section and click the "Create" button. In the form that opens, provide the following information:

After submitting the form, account stubs will be added to the database. They will have a status of "Pending", a name and email of John Doe, and a task of "Register". Usually, registering one account takes one hour. After registration, the account will be transferred to the “Created” status and is available for work.

To use accounts outside the service, it is recommended to enable two-factor authentication for them. To do this, run the “Enable 2FA” task on them. After this, you can add an account to your anti-detect browser via login, password and 2FA key. Under no circumstances should you transfer your accounts to your browser via downloaded cookies, this may lead to your account being banned!

Step 3.2. Adding your accounts

You can add existing accounts to our service, although this is not recommended. Accounts must belong to one of the available countries; adding accounts from other geographies is prohibited - they may simply not be activated in our service.

To add existing accounts, go to the "Accounts" section and click on the "Add" button. In the form that opens, indicate the country of the accounts to be added, the preferred geo for SMS and the currency in which the account’s advertising accounts were created.

Accounts are added in a special list. In this list, you need to indicate the following data, separated by a space: account email, its password, proxy in full format and two-factor authentication key for the TOTP protocol. Accounts are indicated one per line.

The proxy server is specified in the format protocol://login:password@host:port. If no protocol is specified, the proxy is assumed to be standard HTTP. Another format for specifying a proxy when adding accounts is not supported.

List example:

[email protected] qwe123 socks://lg:[email protected]:56 g3qq4h7h2w

Specifying all parameters is mandatory. If you need to select a proxy automatically, instead of the proxy server address, specify auto so it looks like this:

[email protected] asd456 auto g3qq4h7h2w

After submitting the form, account stubs will be added to the database. They will have the status "Waiting", real mail and the task "Connect". Usually, connecting one account takes half an hour. After connecting, the account will be transferred to the “Created” status and is available for work. It is recommended to enable farming in your account after connecting it.

Step 4. Prepare accounts for work

The next step is to prepare your accounts for work:

  1. Enable farming for a week
  2. Add cards for payment
  3. Create traffic flooding tasks
  4. Enable two-factor authentication