Account statuses and errors

Accounts in our service are described by several different statuses in their parts: the general status of the account, the state of advertising accounts and campaigns in them, the status of farming the account and errors that occur during operation. You can filter accounts by these statuses in the list.

Account statuses

This group of statuses is responsible for the main state of the account. The most important status is "Problems" - accounts in this status require special attention and error control.

  1. Waiting - a new account has been added to the service and is waiting for a profile to be created or connected to the system. Instead of a name, such accounts indicate John Doe, and a stub is used instead of an email. Accounts in this status are excluded from any work in the service, including farming.
  2. Created - the status that the account receives immediately after creating a profile or connecting an existing profile to the system. From this status, accounts can participate in farming.
  3. Living - the status to which the account is transferred after completion of basic preparation, that is, connecting payment details and creating advertising accounts. The account remains in this status until traffic starts.
  4. Problems - accounts in this status require mandatory manual verification. To clarify the problem, please refer to the error added to your account. You may need to change the proxy, top up your payment card, or just wait for your account to be verified.
  5. Working - accounts that have launched at least one advertising campaign of any type are transferred to this status.
  6. Dead - a fatal error occurred while working with the account and it is not advisable to continue working. These accounts are excluded from any manipulation of the service, including farming and downloading statistics. It is recommended to use this status instead of deleting accounts.

Card linking status

This status is responsible for the main payment instrument of your account. It can take three states:

  1. Card not specified - payment details are missing both in the account settings and in the profile itself.
  2. The card is awaiting linking - payment details have been added to the system interface and can be linked to the profile. To link, create a corresponding task through account management.
  3. Card linked - payment details are registered in the account and can be used to create an advertising account and pay for advertising. Additional card confirmation may be required.

Account statuses

When working with traffic, the status of advertising activities is displayed separately for ease of search.

  1. No advertising started. Accounts remain in this status at the preparation stage, before the creation of an advertising account.
  2. Created advertising account. The status is assigned if the account has at least one advertising account, but work with traffic has not yet begun.
  3. Warm up started. An advertising campaign of the "Smart" type has been launched in the account.
  4. Advertising started. An advertising campaign of the "Search" type has been launched in the account.
  5. Ads campaign banned. The ad has been blocked. An appeal is required. The appeal will be filed automatically.
  6. Appeal sent successfully. The service filed an appeal for manual verification of the advertising campaign. The result will be known within a few days.
  7. Ads campaign unbanned. The advertising campaign was successfully launched after the ban and continues to produce the traffic.

Farm statuses

Farm can have two statuses:

  1. Disabled. In this state, minimal interaction with the account occurs. Once a day we check your account status.
  2. Enabled. In this state, the account is sent to the farm processor from several times a week to several times a day.

Errors and repairs

We use numeric error codes for convenience. Almost any error in your account requires you to take action to correct it. Please do not leave accounts in an error status, this may lead to their death.