Account farming

We recommend enabling farming on all accounts that you register with the service without exception. It is recommended to leave accounts on the farm for at least 10 days, optimally 30 days. Farming is fully automatic, just turn it on.

What do you need for farming?

Just turn it on. You do not need to perform any special actions, the system will do everything for you. When creating accounts, farming is activated automatically once a day. When adding existing accounts, farming must be enabled manually.

To enable farming, select the desired accounts, click "Mass setup" and click on the "Farm settings" button. There you can delve into the ornate and incredibly complex farming settings, namely turning it on or off. For advanced users, it is possible to select the launch frequency.

The current state of farming is displayed in the list of accounts as a progress bar. Until 10 days it will be yellow, from 10 to 30 days it will be blue, after 30 days the farm becomes green - the farm has reached its goal.

Farm planning

The farming process consists of two basic tasks - farming itself and checking accounts. The farm starts at the period you specify and can be enabled or disabled. Account check-ups are always enabled.

  1. You can choose the frequency of starting farming depending on the number of accounts and your tariff. One farm run takes on average 10 minutes of real time. You can choose to launch from 1 to 3 times a day or limit yourself to farm once every 2-3 days.
  2. Account check-up is carried out at least once a day and takes about three minutes per account. If at least one advertising account has been created in your account, the check is carried out three times a day. If there are active advertising campaigns, the check is carried out once every three hours.

Account check-up and farming queues are available on the main page of the service. If it seems to you that the queues are constantly overloaded by hundreds of percent, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of farming or take a higher tariff.