Repair and setup of accounts

Standard forms are responsible for working with account setup, repair, deletion and transfer. In the list of accounts they are available from the “Mass setup” button; when working with a piece account, they are available at the very bottom of the page. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the features of their work before mindlessly poking and checking boxes.

Account settings form

This form allows you to configure geo parameters and tags for your account. Some parameters should be changed with caution.

The account can use tags for easy grouping and searching of accounts. The tag may consist of small Latin letters and numbers. Special characters are not allowed. The minimum tag length is 3 characters. Tags are separated by a space. Three fields are used to configure tags:

Account fix form

This form helps you quickly get your account in order and automates some routine actions. Convenient for mass work with accounts.

Account transfer

You can transfer accounts between profiles within our service. To transfer an account, you need to know the email or user ID to whom you plan to send it. Additional transfer options:

Important! Account transfer only works one way, you will not be able to return your accounts if you accidentally made a mistake! Check all data before transfer!

Deleting accounts

The account is deleted permanently. It cannot be restored in case of an error. All data is irretrievably lost. Logins, passwords, cookies - nothing is saved at all. Without the possibility of recovery. Please take this into account when deleting. Technical support will not be able to help you in case of an error.

Additional options for deleting accounts:

It is recommended to mark the account as dead rather than deleting it. They will not interfere with your work, but you can bring them back to life at any second without any data loss.