Multitool for Google

We'll relieve you from the routine of working with Google, preparing accounts, launching advertising, collecting statistics and resolving bans and appeals.

Start for $333 monthly

Why do you need a farmer when there is GGL?

Full automation of routine work with Google Ads advertising accounts without human intervention.

Create profiles

Create new accounts in different countries or connect your existing ones to the service.

Farm perfectly

Forget forever about manual farming and preparing accounts by real people as a bad dream!

Launch the ads

Launch "Smart" and "Search" advertising campaigns with loading traffic and expense statistics.

Link the cards

Manage payment methods for your accounts and add new cards to your advertising accounts.

Send the appeals

Don't worry about bans and disables when necessary - an appeal will be filed automatically.

Sell accounts

Prepare accounts for sale or transfer them to your colleagues on the arbitration team.

What is it and how does it work?

We eliminate the need for manual working with your large fleet of Google Ads accounts and take care of most of the tasks and problems.

  1. Specify a proxy and SMS service.
    They are required to work with any of your accounts.
  2. Create or add profiles.
    You can create existing accounts or create new ones.
  3. Connect your farm.
    Automation will prepare your accounts for real work.
  4. Start your traffic.
    The service starts a smart or search using your keys and show statistics.

How to purchase

Tariffs differ in the number of simultaneous threads working with accounts, the number of accounts is not limited.


3 threads
∞ accounts
Pay per 1 month




10 threads
∞ accounts
Pay per 1 month




30 threads
∞ accounts
Pay per 1 month



Devilish super-tariff: 100 streams for $3333. Suitable for large arbitration teams to prepare accounts.

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